Wolverhampton Airport opened in 1941 and was built as an aerodrome for the Royal Air Force. The three runway airport is now known as Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green. It provides a base for a number of general aviation operators and maintenance providers including: aircraft and helicopter flying schools; police helicopter unit; several private aircraft operators; and various non-aviation based tenants. It is positioned in the centre of the UK, south west of Wolverhampton and about 30 kilometres from Birmingham.  Our brief at Wolverhampton has been the design and detailed development of a masterplan incorporating a local business park and a new business aircraft hub and hangar housed in a 250 metre long building. We have also designed a temporary building to house the airport’s private jet showroom.

Client: Wolverhampton Airport Limited
Engineer: Taylor & Boyd
Airport Planning Consultant: AP & D
Quantity Surveyor: Trainor QS