Ing Real Estate asked us to find a solution for a site in Milton Keynes where an existing curved pedestrian canopy link between two shopping centres was laden with wind problems and needed replacing.  We used extensive computer modelling techniques to inform our design so that it could diffuse high winds whilst providing required shelter.  The result is a network of stainless cabling and steelwork linked with mesh vertical canopies that have a conical shape.

Extra care was taken to ensure the tension rods were adjusted correctly for user comfort and to filter wind gusting even in severe weather conditions.  The project is an example of our growing interest in tectonic design.  This is further expressed in the choice of our building materials: silicon glass fabric, stainless steel rods, connections and fabricated hollow section steelwork.  Overall, we are delighted that the functional aerodynamic performance of our design has led to what is a streamlined and aesthetic solution for our client.

Client: Ing Real Estate
Contractor: Architen Landrell