We were invited to look at this project by the Edgewood Group who have owned and developed mixed-use properties throughout the UK for over twenty years.  At the Old Dairy site in Ashford, there was a need to create a scheme that would make effective use of a surplus site that was left over as part of a supermarket retail project. In collaboration with our client, we opted for a new build fourteen-unit residential building in brick that sits over over commercial premises. We selected Siberian larch for external detailing of the development. Together with the red brick, this made our design timeless and solid. There was also a desire for generosity in our design.  To achieve this, we included an outdoor terrace or balcony in our design for each residential unit. The parking has also been carefully construed around a “Z” shape plan so that it does not dominate the planted green amenity area.

Client: Edgewest Developments
Engineer: Gurney Consulting Engineers
Contractor: Bellway