For this project, our client was Sizona property development who specialise in mews houses.  The development is located in West London in the Bayswater Conservation Area within a mews building bought by Sizona in 2012. The house is made up of a first floor flat above an existing garage and it forms an important part of the Victorian street frontage. Its footprint is unusually large at just over 280 square metres.  We removed the whole ground floor area to create three new homes.  The fenestration at street level is generous for each of the new houses and is a reminder of a more outward looking workshop unit typology associated with mews buildings.  The overall plan of the development is a challenging wedge shape.  This means that the footprint of each town house is slightly different.

Client: Sizona
Engineer: Webb Yates
Contractor: Westgate Construction Limited/ JH Builders