For The London Borough of Tower Hamlets, we’re working on a number of street markets – with a particular focus on Petticoat Lane Market, where we’re considering the whole of the market’s public realm, from the City of London boundary on Middlesex Street up to Brick Lane.

The project includes a detailed analysis of business use class and activity on each side street, as well as a service yard and delivery drop-off and pick-up access needs. We’re tasked with looking at everything at ground level, from levelling walkways and kiosk clusters to create new hubs areas to bringing old toilet blocks back into use, ensuring new disabled access. We’re also looking for opportunities to increase footfall by analysing current walking routes, investigating new ones, improving the visual appeal of the street and revitalising the market offer to meet the needs of new customers, including attracting new traders.

One of the most exciting aspects of the project will be working on a new Art Trail, as it criss-crosses the area, by using artwork, social history, aspects of heritage and places of cultural interest.


Client: The London Borough of Tower Hamlets