Our client for this new residential development in East London is the Southern Housing Group, one of southern England’s largest housing associations.  The Group was founded in 1901 and has, for over a century, developed a reputation in affordable housing. Interestingly, it is a reputation that is not just about delivering good quality individual residential units but the creation of attractive neighbourhoods for people to enjoy.  When in Stoke Newington we were asked by The Southern Housing Group to provide 43 units to the Kennaway Estate, we were inspired by their more holistic approach to housing as part of a wider urban strategy for improving cities.

As a result, our design is all about working with the existing area, its terraces and streetscape.  We have therefore drawn up four separate residential blocks into what are four, five and seven storey buildings. This creates a varied cluster of buildings that results in a sense of permeability that we believe helps to engender a welcoming, human-scale environment.

Client: Southern Housing Group