We were commissioned in 2013 to remodel an existing 10 bedroom country house.  Our client wanted to make the most of the property’s lakeside location which is known for its beautiful wildlife and, in particular, its fishing.  As part of our brief, we were also asked to work on the lakeside area and lodge. As well as converting all of the existing room layouts spaces and uses to meet the requirements of the new owners, our approach has been one of combining the desire for state-of-the-art facilities, such as a home cinema, with enjoying a sense of being somewhere rural.  We have therefore taken an approach that brings together what could be described as “urban sophistication for services” with a more rustic character for the body of the building both internally and externally.  The result is an understated white stucco rendered house that sits comfortably in traditional English countryside.

Client: Private
Engineer: Gurney Consulting Engineers
Contractor: Westway