Biella Airport or Biella-Cerrione Airport is dedicated to general aviation. Biella is a town of just under 50 000 inhabitants in the Italian region of Piedmont about eighty kilometres northeast of Turin. Our work at the airport has been carried out in partnership with the SACE group who are an Italian export credit agency as well as The Lowcost Airport Group (LCAG). The vision has been to increase passenger numbers going through Biella Airport to half a million per year. This is a shift from its current general aviation use and it has led us to rethink the aircraft areas in addition to making proposals for looking after travellers.  The welcoming of passengers and provision of amenities is of course key to the success of the overall ambition. We have consistently worked together with our client to see how this is best addressed; we are now exploring collaboration with existing hospitality and retail providers in the immediate area with the aim to draw passengers to using Biella Airport.

Client: SACE SPA, Low Cost Airport Group
Engineer: WSP